Balthasar Hens String-Ligature-System

Silver plated

The STRING-LIGATURE- SYSTEM is characterized by its optimal vibration and sound
properties. By stringing the ligature with a double-bass string the entire system
becomes a resonator.
When fitted precisely, the STRING-LIGATURE- SYSTEM improves the attack sound and
overtones of your mouthpiece-reed combination. Due to the long tension adjustment
screw and the variable length of the strings the ligature fits easily on all types and sizes
of mouthpiece.
If you set the ligature higher, towards the window edge, you can give more strength to
softer reeds and achieve a more immediate attack sound. Set lower, the tone becomes
softer and harder reeds become easier. The tightening of the tension adjustment screw
can also be varied. Again, this influences the tone and attack sound individually.